A.- The following General Conditions of Trans Teruel are established.

    1. TRANS TERUEL is a circular route of 6 or 7 days to do on MTB and in no case is it a competition. Since the organization IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for possible accidents or eventualities that arise, Mandatory Insurance is included with the contract. Said insurance will be included in the conditions established by current legislation, regardless of the insurance that the client may have contracted separately (even federative).
    2. The client agrees to respect the natural environment, driving responsibly so as not to damage the environment. Likewise, it undertakes to respect the flora and fauna, not to disturb herds and to close livestock crossings/gates in accordance with the instructions of the owners of the crossing lands. Part of the route passes through the Protected Space of Pinares del Rodeno where special attention must be paid to respecting the natural environment as well as the passage of visitors to it. Pedestrians always have the right of way.
    3. TRANS TERUEL is a registered trademark owned by that can only be contracted through the Travel Agent, located at 08250 Sant Joan de Vilatorrada (Barcelona). Tel. 610 355 736., hereinafter,
    4. In order to make the reservation, you must fill out the Inquiry Form (in the Prices and Reservations tab). Or send an email to indicating “RESERVATION” in the subject. In response, a “Reservation Document” will be sent to you with the conditions for this purpose. Be that as it may, the reservation will not be valid until payment of 50% of the total, as a “Reservation”, has been made within 30 calendar days of departure. The rest of the payment will be made within 15 days of departure. Making the reservation in less than 30 calendar days from the departure date does not guarantee the availability of accommodation.
    5. To carry out the Trans Teruel Btt, it will be necessary to have previously made the FULL payment of the total.

Por tanto, La España Vacía Trans Teruel

B.- Options and modalities.

B.1. There are two route options:
    • TRANS TERUEL 8 DAYS (6 route stages)
    • TRANS TERUEL 7 DAYS (5 route stages)
Así pues, la España Vacía MTB Trans Teruel. Además, MTB. Y también, Teruel Existe.
B.2. Likewise, there are two types of route:
    • “Normal” route.

Includes accommodation services (double room) and in the corresponding 8 and 7 day regimes specified on the website. Also the tracks and maps of the route. In addition to the transportation of daily luggage as well as the mandatory insurance mentioned above.

    • Route “with assistance” or “assisted”.

Includes accommodation services (in a double room) and in the corresponding 8 and 7 day regimes specified on the website. Also the tracks and maps of the route. And obviously, it includes an assistance vehicle throughout the route with minimal tools and some essential spare parts (tubes, chains, shift cables,…). In addition to being the vehicle in charge of transporting luggage, it will also be in charge of preparing some picnics during the route (especially on the stages from Mora to Villel and from Villel to Albarracín). Said vehicle will not follow the group during the unpaved sections but will coincide with the group at specific intersections of roads and paved paths.

Y además, la España Vacía. Por tanto, Trans Teruel MTB.

The proposals do not include, by default, in any case,

    • Drinks, coffees, extras and liquors not included in the menus.
    • Bicycle / E-Bike (see Prices and Reservations).
    • Single room (see Prices and Reservations).
    • Lunch.
    • Sports Insurance with Optional Cancellation (see Prices and Reservations).
    • GPS rental (see Prices and Reservations).
    • Accommodation for extra nights (see Prices and Reservations)

Luego, Teruel MTB Route CONDITIONS. 



Applicable legal regulation. The contractual relationship between the organizing agency and the client is governed by the clauses of the package travel contract according to current legislation in Catalonia. Also for the technical sheet of the trip that details its definitive content. And thirdly, for these general conditions, all drafted in accordance with the provisions of the Catalan regulations for travel agencies.

Así pues, Teruel MTB Route. También, Trans Teurel. Luego, Teruel Existe. Por tanto, Trans Teruel.


At the time of registration, a minimum deposit of 50% of the total amount of the trip must be deposited. Therefore, no reservation is considered compliant until the deposit is made. From this moment; In case of cancellation by the client, they will incur the payment of 5% management fees, plus cancellation fees if any. The remaining amount must be paid at least 15 days before departure, unless otherwise specified in the quote/booking confirmation.

When a person registers others, he or she assumes on their behalf each and every one of the implications specified in these general conditions.

Y por tanto, Teruel MTB Route. Y, Teruel Existe. Además, España Vacía. 


Any variation in the price may give rise to a review, provided that it occurs before 20 days of departure (According to article 20 of Decree 168/1994). These modifications will be notified to the consumer, who, if the modification exceeds 15% of the trip price, may withdraw without penalty, or accept the modification of the contract. In no case will prices be revised upwards within 20 days prior to the departure date of the trip, with respect to requests already made and confirmed.

Por tanto, Teruel MTB Route. Además, la España Vacía. Luego, Teruel Existe.


All passengers registered for the trip are responsible for having the necessary documentation in order (ID, passport, visa, health measures…). acts as an informant, but it is the client’s responsibility to have the necessary documents. In the event that due to lack or incorrectness of the necessary documentation the client is forced to cancel or abandon the trip, the agency will apply the conditions indicated in the cancellations section.

Due to the special contracting conditions for bicycle trips, as a general rule (unless otherwise specified in the budget made) the following cancellation conditions are stipulated.

Así pues, Trans Teruel MTB


  • 60 and 31 days before departure: 20% of the total amount of the trip
  • 30 and 21 days before departure: 50% of the total amount of the trip
  • 20 and 11 days before departure: 75% of the total amount of the trip
  • 10 days before departure: 100% of the total amount of the trip

Por tanto, Teruel MTB Route. Además, España Vacía y Trans Teruel. Y también Trans Teruel.


The organizing agency explicitly declares that it acts as an intermediary between travelers and the entities or people that provide the contracted services. The CLIENT is informed and accepts on behalf of all travelers included in the reservation the peculiar characteristics of the alternative trip with “risk” activities that he or she acquires. You acknowledge that you have been correctly informed by the travel agency about the dangers of practicing the sporting activity to be carried out and that you assume the risk under your sole and exclusive responsibility. You declare that you have the skills and abilities necessary for a safe and responsible practice, declining any responsibility on and its suppliers for the possible consequences that their lack and/or bad practice may derive.

Así pues, Teruel MTB Route. Y por tanto, España Vacía. Trans Teruel