Trans Teruel MTB Tour

The Trans Teruel MTB Tour is a magnificent proposal to discover Teruel by MTB. Teruel is a sparsely populated province in a large territory and with a wide variety of landscapes. Because, in effect, if we discount the 35,000 inhabitants of the capital, there are about 100,000 inhabitants distributed over an area of 14,800 m2. To get an idea, the country of Montenegro is bigger. Like half of Belgium, approximately.

Teruel surprises with the enormous pine forests in the most Mediterranean areas (even black pine in the Gúdar mountain range). Also by the dispersed junipers in the highest, vast and extensive steppe areas. But also because of the varied vegetation in the valleys where there are still elms, poplars, willows, ashes and poplars. A diverse variety of landscapes, which will slowly change, to the rhythm of pedaling between an old collapsed farmhouse, a ruined shed or some almost abandoned town.

And finally, Teruel surprises because it shows the reality of landscapes of an abandoned country, of fields already forgotten, of old, hard-worked terraces now covered with vegetation, of old factories and towns that had been large. Important, now almost unpopulated. But they claim that they still exist, that they are still there. Fighting against a Spanish centralization that swallows everything, against a system that forgets its origins. Emptying the territory.



Trans Teruel MTB Route Options

There are two options. On the one hand, an 8-day/7-night route has been created; a proposed one of 340 km and 7,264 m. of accumulated unevenness. Without trials. Without impossible sections. Because we think it should be suitable for everyone. The one who rides gravel, the one who rides a mountain bike, the one who usually rides only the road… “Teruel Exists.” For all.

But there is also a 7 days / 6 nights proposal; an option that turns stages 2 and 3 into a beautiful stage from Alcalá de La Selva to Mora de Rubielos. In total about 280 km and approximately 6,000 accumulated meters.

With the Trans Teruel MTB Tour you live the essence of MTB, with luggage and without saddlebags. In fact, the proposal itself includes the transportation of luggage at the expense of the organization. But there is the option of assisted route. That is, with an assistance vehicle that periodically follows the group. In case you have to take something out of your luggage (or leave it). In case you need to re-tighten a cleat that seems to have come loose. Or because some discomfort has appeared in the right leg and it is too difficult to ride…

The Trans Teruel Btt Route is to live the essence of Btt. It’s riding between valleys and mountains discovering landscapes of enormous forests and a great diversity of fauna. It is pedaling for hours along the roads and tracks without meeting anyone outside of the inhabited areas. It means reaching beautiful towns, many almost uninhabited, where the bread is baked with firewood, the tomatoes have been picked in the garden and the restaurant’s kitchen has been run by the grandmother for so many years… an extraordinarily unpopulated territory in which perhaps You won’t find anyone.